"Proportion your charity to the strength of your estate, or your estate will be proportioned to the weakness of your charity."

------------------------------ Benjamin Franklin

Giving Vision

Giving Vision is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization committed to providing comprehensive vision care to the community at large. Our outreach care program is dedicated to screening children for glasses, eye disease and general eye health to those in under-serviced communities.

We have planned agreements with several community eye doctors to help us provide vision screenings to those in need. There are so many children who have never had an eye exam. Children may not know that they do not see well and therefore never mention this to their parents and teachers.

Do you know that many children in school do NOT receive an eye test?  This is an unfortunately statistic due to underfunding of public schools.  As a result, many children go undiagnosed for eye conditions that are simple to fix.  Giving Vision is here to intervene and provide access to ALL children.

Now more than ever, we need your support to service the children of our community.

It only costs $200 for an eye exam and glasses for a child.

Imagine how great you will feel to know that your gift has helped to provide the gift of sight to the children of Los Angeles.


Giving Vision
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(Giving Vision is the DBA name for Advanced Vision Research, the registered non-profit in the state of California)

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